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CBS: The Drew Barrymore Show Launch

How do you break through in the competitive daytime television landscape? Even an A-list movie star doesn’t guarantee success. The creative team needed to position Drew as someone uniquely qualified to host her own daytime show. 

Here’s Drew

For our initial launch spot, we paid homage to Drew’s 1982 appearance on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Here’s Drew features Drew interviewing her seven-year-old self about their upcoming Daytime Show. Seamlessly replacing Johnny, we integrated both Drews onto The Tonight Show set utilizing green screen and VFX. This spot won a 2020 Special Shot/Spot Promo Clio.

Drew Tiles.jpg

You’ve Seen Me

For our phase two launch spot, You’ve Seen Me, we once again leaned into the equity of the Drew her fans have known for decades while also capturing her authenticity and natural charisma. 

Shot against a white seamless backdrop, this series of spots reminds viewers of iconic moments in her life. From ET, Charlie’s Angels, flashing a certain late night host, becoming a mom, and now, in her next big role— that of a talk show host— she continues to connect with her fans to create meaningful and fun relationships.

The Drew Barrymore Show: Main Titles

We additionally used elements from the shoot for the show’s main titles, logo, and promo packaging.

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