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Princess Cruises

As the creative lead on the Princess Cruises account, my team helped create many, many (like probably not in the hundreds, but very close) content pieces to highlight different business needs. 

From launching a new ship, to highlighting family cruising, to shore excursions, or announcing a celebrity mixologist partnership, these pieces were created using stock or archival footage mixed with new live-action footage. I was the primary copywriter on all pieces, and supervised and creative directed original shoots and edits. 

The first piece the creative team partnered on was Princess Cruises' new safety video in 2017. With a nod to the Princess brand DNA, we rewrote and re-recorded The Love Boat theme song with many original cast cameos in the video. Infusing humor and storytelling into what is an important but often dry video helped set the tone for an extra special cruising experience. 

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TNT: CLAWS: Lady Boss Series

Lady Boss

This Claws branded series celebrates women whose entrepreneurial spirit mirrors that of the show's main character, Desna. In each episode, after learning more about who they are and their professional dreams and achievements, the women are surprised with a face-to-face meeting and some real boss advice from two of the show's leads. I helped structure, write and direct these episodes as well as lead the on-camera interviews and reveals.