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There is no more important mission than that of Sesame Workshop: helping children grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. The privilege of working on something so meaningful, that had also been a part of my own childhood, was a true career highlight. 

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B2B Fundraising Campaign

Brand Sizzle

I helped ideate, write, and supervise the editorial on several B2B and B2C sizzles for Sesame Workshop. Additionally, I partnered with them on promo packaging for the launch of their new series, Alhan Simsim, which focused on young children across the Middle East, especially those affected by displacement. I also had the pleasure of initial concept development on Sesame Street’s new main title sequence.

How children and families benefit from Sesame Workshop in tangible ways, both locally and globally, while balancing the importance of the mission with the beautiful way the mission comes to life across content, outreach, and partnerships was critical to the success of our work together. 

My favorite muppet? Oscar!

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