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With a partnership that spanned over six years, Fandango and I went together like popcorn and butter. I directed hundreds of deliverables spanning print, OOH, digital, and social, with three notable campaigns and many targeted one-offs.


*Please forgive the watermark, I often focused more on doing the work than saving the work.

Fandango Breakdown

Miles Mouvay

One, featuring Kenan Thompson as the world’s biggest movie fan, Miles Mouvay, in his “fan cave” featured several guest stars including Kevin Hart and Kel Mitchell. With this spokesman model campaign, the creative team was able to target various business objectives, including ticket sales, their new SVOD service, and VIP and special offers.

Origin Story ft. Kel Mitchell

Takeover ft. Kevin Hart

Mama's Boy ft. Kenan Thompson


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More Movies

Another campaign I am especially proud of is the More Movies series. For this campaign we developed a technique I like to call faux-motion— creating movement using a series of still photos shot at an extremely fast shutter speed. The graphic and pop-y look enabled us to build modular messaging that was attention grabbing and effective.

Scary Sleepovers

Bring on the Holidays

Welcome to the Summer of More

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